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The reconstruction and fitting out of the Golubac Fortress, a 14th century cultural and historical monument, kicked off in September 2014. Apart from the reconstruction, the project included an extensive archaeological research, which led to new discoveries that will complement the existing knowledge about the history of this medieval fort. EU has invested 8 million EUR to the project.

The reconstruction was overseen by the Republic Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Belgrade, while the entire project was coordinated by the Austrian Development Agency.

By taking part in the reconstruction of the Golubac Fortress, the European Union contributed substantially to improving the tourist supply of eastern Serbia and its economic development.

The reconstruction of the Fortress

The Fortress

Nine towers and nine ramparts have been reconstructed. Also, a palace of some 600 square metres of floor space was built. Extensive archaeological research was conducted both inside and outside the Fortress.Walking paths and stairs have also been built, allowing visitors to reach all parts of the Fortress. The cost of reconstruction works amounted to EUR2.4 million.

Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre, with over 960 square metres of floor space, hosts a permanent exhibit dedicated to the Fortress, a cafeteria, a souvenir shop and the premises of the Association Tvrđava Golubački grad, which manages the complex. The facility was inaugurated in July 2016. The cost of construction works stands at some EUR950,000.

Tunnel and ring road

The project included the construction of a 150-metre tunnel and a 760-metre ring road. The tunnel is 10.45 meters wide and 6.26 metres high and has since the commissioning allowed the traffic to be relocated from the Fortress after 90 years. The cost of tunnel and ring road construction amounted to some EUR2.3 million. They were commissioned in July 2016.

Bank revetment

A 400-metre revetment was constructed, allowing river cruisers and other vessels to dock. The cost of construction works – completed in July 2016 – amounted to around EUR420,000.

Technical infrastructure

The construction works on supporting infrastructure were also completed, ensuring a steady supply of water and electricity. A park was built in the area between the Visitor Centre and the Fortress, as well as a parking lot for visitors. The cost of construction works stands at some EUR1.1 million.

Support for the association Tvrđava Golubački grad

Managing the Fortress is a complex task that needs to be carried out responsibly. This is why the association was given expert support to increase its capacity for efficient and sustainable management of the complex. Strategic and planning documentation was drafted, while the management and staff of the enterprise went through training. The Fortress is fitted out with modern presentation equipment. A special multimedia presentation of the Fortress was also designed and made available for visitors to watch in the palace and on the towers. On the other side of the Fortress, there are walking paths with a number of marked viewpoints. The cost of these activities amounted to some EUR268,000.

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8,000,000 €
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Republic of Serbia
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Austrian Developmental Agency